ICon Motorcycles

"The Rebirth of an Icon"

Icon motor cycles honors the icons of the British motorcycle history with the rebirth of the authentic British caferacers. History that should not be lost. Icon motor cycles produces the engines that have contributed to the British motor history in the 1950s and 1960s, the caferacer era. It is perhaps the most influential motor movement the world has ever seen. Born in the streets of England in the 1950s. His culture still flourishes all over the world. And yet many have never heard of the cafe racer culture.

Greatness is always more than one thing, it is a combination of properties.
Icon motorcycles combines the best of two original British motorcycle brands and provides a motor with courteous features. The result that arises from mixing 2 species is also expressed as bastaard. Combined with courteous properties one talks about "a royal bastard".